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MEDX Strategic Partners provides unique strategic solutions in the fields of medical device, diagnostics and imaging, to multinational companies, private investors, funds and others.

Founded by MEDX Ventures Group (“Group”), we capitalize on our Group’s proven investment experience in innovation, product development and project management supported by our Group’s cross functional team and infrastructure.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the Israeli medical innovation space, coupled with our leading infrastructure established in Israel, allows us to offer our partners the confidence, flexibility and efficiency needed to invest in medical technologies in the Start-Up Nation.

Your Partner


MEDX Strategic Partners is led by a team of seasoned executive in the medical space. Utilizing the support of the cross functional team of MEDX Ventures Group, we emphasize value creation and ensure meeting your strategic objectives by delivering tailored solutions and unparalleled presence and access to the Israeli MedTech Innovation landscape.


Enrich your future pipeline through close collaboration, by providing the required core capabilities for successful investment in innovation.

We achieve this with our highly focused and efficient project management, leveraging our unique infrastructure in Israel, cross functional team and skills, ranging from our MEDX Xelerator (a government supported incubator), our cross functional ventures management team, to our investment capabilities.



Customized to your needs, for optimal value


Comprehensive and unique in-house shared services


You & Us

It’s all about you. Over the years, we focused on building the infrastructure and core capabilities to enhance our ventures’ value.

Our collaboration aims to expand and enrich your product pipeline while reducing your investment and development risks inherent in new ventures.

We invite you to tap into our unique resources to enable you to maximize the innovations coming out of Israel while reducing your risks and close any cultural gaps associated with your investments in Israel.

You & Us


X Challenge: Robothon Kickoff!
Medx Accelerator  /  November 2017
VOTIS, the MEDX Xelerator X Challenge Winner, presenting at Boston Scientific
MEDX  /  August 2017
Peripheral intervention X-Challenge Winner
MEDX  /  May 2017
Peripheral interventions X challenge – Call for applications
MEDX  /  March 2017
Israel’s Medx Ventures seeks earliest-stage med-tech innovations
MDD - MEDICAL DEVICE DAILY  /  December 2016
Microbot Medical Completes Merger; Start Trading on NASDAQ at $450 Million Valuation
Globes  /  November 2016
MEDX Medical Incubator Opens Its Doors
Globes  /  September 2016
Microbot Medical jumps 600% after merging into US co StemCells
Globes  /  August 2016
StemCells, Inc. and Microbot Medical Ltd. Announce Strategic Merger
GlobeNewswire  /  August 2016
Bill Gates has made his first Israeli investment through Intellectual Ventures in the MEDX XELERATOR incubator
Globes, Israel business news  /  June 2016
MEDX Ventures Group Won a License to Establish and Run an Israeli Government Backed Technological Incubator
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs  /  March 2016
Microbot Medical Ltd. Receives OCS Grant of NIS 2.2M
MEDX  /  March 2016
XACT Robotics raises $5 Million
Globes  /  August 2015
MEDX Ventures Group Raises $30 Million
Globes  /  August 2015
XACT Robotics LTD. Receives OCS Grant of NIS 1.9M
MEDX  /  July 2015
MEDX Ventures Group Partners with Albany Medical College (AMC), receives a grant from New York State, to establish an innovation center in Albany, NY
MEDX  /  March 2015
Microbot Medical Ltd. Receives OCS Grant of NIS 1.8M
MEDX  /  May 2014
XACT Robotics Ltd. receives OCS Grant of NIS 1.4M
MEDX  /  April 2014
Microbot Medical Ltd. Closes $3M of Round A Financing
MEDX  /  July 2012
A Tiny Robot that Clears Shunts in Hydrocephalus Patients
Hayadan  /  May 2011
Israeli Tiny Robot Will Prevents the Need for Brain Surgery
TheMarker  /  May 2011
Microbot Medical Receives Strategic Investment from J&J
MEDX  /  December 2010

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